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Fostering saves lives

Fosters are an essential part of everything we do. We have short term fostering for puppies 14-21 days, moms with babies, medical dogs and more. Help us save lives. 

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Be a part of something special. Fostering is so much more then just a short stay for a dog at your home. Fostering is truly saving a life. Some people say they can not handle saying goodbye, but we say how can you not? You rather the dog not get saved and placed into a loving home, to save you a little angst when the dog leaves? Be selfless, they need you. 


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The Parvo Ward

The Parvo Ward is a separate unit of AZ Dog Adoptions that focuses on saving puppies and dogs from this deadly disease. Parvo is rampant in Arizona, taking the lives of many innocent babies who could be saved. We take in surrenders of Parvo positive dogs from any owner, shelter, or rescue group at no charge.

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We save lives

We have saved thousands of Parvo dogs that have moved on to live happy, healthy lives in forever homes. If you have had a parvo dog in your home previously and were told you can not get another puppy, YOU CAN! You can adopt a parvo survivor! 

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How you can help


Volunteering is one of the most needed thing at a shelter. We need volunteers daily at our shelter facility to provide a clean environment to the animals, exercise them by taking them for a walk, some time in the play yard, or even just throwing a ball. We need volunteers so give baths, clean kennels, wash dishes, do laundry, and transport dogs to and from events, grooming appointments, and vet appointments. The shelter does not have funds to hire enough staff to do everything, the dogs and cats depend on volunteers to help. No formal training required! Just come down to the shelter, open daily 11am-6pm. Sign a quick waiver form and we can put you to work. 

OUR WISH LIST- We always need.

dry dog food- any brand

dry puppy food- any brand

canned/wet dog food- any brand


puppy pads

paper towels


cat litter


ship or drop off to our shelter location 2201 S. 19th ave phx. 85009 11-6pm


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AZ Dog Adoptions is an Arizona based organization focused on rescue, rehabilitation, and adoption for animals from all over Phoenix, Mexico  and anywhere we can be of help.  Click here to become a volunteer and join the AZ Dog Adoptions family!

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Make a Difference


Do you have an extra hour this week?

Come down to the animal shelter and give a pup a scrub. Take a fur baby for a walk. Help with adoption events. transport. There is something for everyone, We need you! 


 Open your home to a beautiful soul. Be a part of their new journey. 

Fostering is the only way rescue works. 

We need homes for our pups to get ready for adoption. 


 Are you super busy but really want to support. You can donate and make a huge difference.  

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Can you take a furry friend to an adoption event or maybe to a vet appointment? 

Let us know! 

We always need transport support. 

Adopt Don't Shop

 Looking for a particular breed or type of new friend? People are always shocked to find many different breeds and types of furry friends available at AZ Dog Adoptions. 

Why we do it!

 For the kisses, of course! Why else? 

Help Our Cause

Your support and contributions are what keep our doors open, keep the homeless dogs fed, medically treated, and given a clean, safe place to live until a forever home is found.  Consider any size  donation today!

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Send Some Love

Want to donate directly to the medical care of animals in need? You can contact our vet directly and pay a donation over the phone ($25 or more) to Bethany animals hospital 602-242-1657 MAKE SURE to say the donation is for AZ Dog Adoptions account. you can also just click the link below and send a quick donation!

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

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