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Thinking of surrendering your dog? 

We will need as much information as you can about your dog and please be as honest as possible, so we can find the correct home for your dog. We usually do not accept ‘dog aggressive’ or ‘dog selective’ dogs, as our adoption center is a large play area where all dogs are together.

If your dog is not altered or vaccinated,  please set up an appointment at one of the many spay and neuter clinics around the valley to have your dog spayed/neutered, vaccinated for rabies and DHPPV before bringing your dog in (this is not mandatory, but helps greatly for the shelter and your dog).

There is not a fee to surrender, but a donation is suggested to help us care for your dog until a home is found.

Our motto at AZ Dog Adoptions is “no mommas left behind”.  We can work with families overwhelmed with the responsibility of mothers and their puppies.  The mother and puppies can be given to us while the puppies are nursing, with plans to return the mom (not the litter) back to the family and have her spayed at our vet’s office.  We would also help with neutering the father of the litter.   We can help find homes for puppies after they have been weaned.


Surrender Form

Surrender Form